With 40% of all men in Palestine having been arrested, with constant terrifying night time raids, with invasions and intifadas and an absolutely unsustainable cost of living, most Palestinians have braved some trying times. That does not mean they are under any obligation to tell you about them. And if you try and make them, […]

You, my friend, are so much of a dickhead that even we probably can’t save you now. Most Palestinians study English at school. Or see Hollywood movies. It’s a fairly safe bet that the Palestinians around you understand what you’re saying, and probably think you’re a bit of a dickhead. This post was inspired by […]

It surprises us how many people who, “back home”, would ask a parent before taking a picture of their child, in Palestine feels no such need. But these are cute little brown children, and what is any trip to Palestine without a picture of Palestinian children hugging with the caption “my friends from the children’s […]

Palestinians live under occupation. For some, that means getting on with life as best they can in the circumstances and for some, it means resistance. Both paths are tough. Occupation adversely affects the lives of every single Palestinian in Palestine, every single day. So when you go to one of the Friday protests in the […]

Remember, Palestine has not suddenly become a new destination for earnest political science graduates. You can fairly safely assume that the hapless Palestinian who you have judged to understand English well enough to be submit to your thoughts on power balances in the Arab world, or the one state solution, or the role of non […]